Workshop: Git Migration

Workshop - 3 days

This 3-day workshop will provide guided assistance from an experienced ALM expert in migrating your source code to Git from another source control platform. This includes identifying a target project or projects, source code migration, configuration of security and code review workflows, training for developers on how to resume working with minimal disruption, and any required documentation. The consultant will also assist the team in defining a branching/merging workflow for the team.


This is intended for the following roles:

Architects, Development Leads, Developers, TFS Administrators

At Completion

At completion, you will have:

  • One or more projects fully migrated to Git (depends on number of projects, size of projects, and complexity of projects) according to best practices
  • Repository security in place to ensure that only appropriate individuals can view and modify code
  • Branch policies in place to enforce code review, linked requirements, and continuous integration builds
  • Submodules configured to manage dependencies between multiple repositories (as required)
  • Developers trained on how to contribute code to the migrated project(s)
  • Outline a branching and merging strategy
  • An understanding of best practices for migrating to Git


  • TFS 2015 (note: 2013 or 2015) or greater
  • Consultant access to existing source code
  • Consultant administrative access to TFS (for creating repositories and assigning security, etc)

If you have any questions or would like to register for this workshop, please fill out the form below or call us at (800) 565-0510.

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