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The Winding (but ultimately successful) Road to a Xamarin Development Environment

March 28, 2017 | By | No Comments

Most of my development efforts are focused on Web, Desktop and Server scenarios; but with the launch of Visual Studio 2017 and all of the new Mobile Development capabilities, I figured it was time to invest in establishing a minimal proficiency with mobile apps. While the setup and configuration for most people is simple, there are a couple of considerations that can result in some twists …

TFS 2017 Update 1 – Points of Interest

March 15, 2017 | By | No Comments

The release of Update 1 for TFS 2017 brings many enhancements across the board. Although when viewed individually, many of these appear to be minor; the cumulative effect has some significant benefits. This post will cover some of the highlights, all the details can be found in the Release Notes. General Audience Improvements: In addition to overall improvements in the UI/UX, two specific capabilities were added …

TFS “15” Preview is Available & Fully Loaded!

July 26, 2016 | By | Comments Off on TFS “15” Preview is Available & Fully Loaded!

Team Foundation Server (TFS) “15” Preview A couple of weeks ago, the Visual Studio team announced and released Team Foundation Server (TFS) “15” Preview. This release includes recent product breakthroughs and advancements that had been available in VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) and are now available for your on-premises installation. One thing to note is that the system specifications have changed for this release from previous …

Requirements Management for the Enterprise in TFS 2015 (Portfolio Management)

September 13, 2013 | By | No Comments

Managing requirements for large projects can be a daunting task. Typically for Enterprise scale projects there could be thousands of requirements from high level visions or business requirements right down to detailed system requirements spread across multiple teams. Keeping track and managing the relationships of these requirements is crucial to many businesses, especially those that are subject to regulatory institutions. In the past managing complex requirements …

Simplify your Data Layer Unit tests with transaction scope

September 20, 2009 | By | No Comments

Cleaning up after unit test that tests your data layer can be pretty tedious. In order to simplify that work using the concept of transactions has been well documented in the book “Test-Driven Development in Microsoft.NET” from James W. Newkirk. However, it still involved some level of code that can be simplified using the concept of TransactionScope. Here is what you need to add to your …

Resolve references: Error TSD03006 IN VSTS DB GDR

July 7, 2009 | By | No Comments

Are you getting an error with VSTSDB relating to references of system views / objects in your database, like INFORMATION_SCHEMA or sys.columns? I was too – my first thought was to create a reference to the master database or a server project, but that didn’t work. To resolve this error, you need to know about some of the dbschema meta-data files included with the installation of …

VSTS – beyond source/Version control

June 22, 2009 | By | No Comments

Any .Net developer can tell you that Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) to develop software.  However, I find that relatively few developers (or product managers) are familiar with the features and advantages of Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), including Team Foundation Server (TFS) as compared to Visual Studio, so for those of you who might not know, I’ll cover some key points. Visual …

VSTS automatically connects to TFS as another user. What’s going on?

June 4, 2009 | By | No Comments

My Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) environment is automatically connecting to Team Foundation Server (TFS) as another user. What’s going on? The default behavior when you connect to TFS is to use Windows Authentication and therefore use your current identity when authenticating. If at some point, you connected to your TFS application tier via an Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) path, the operating system may have prompted …

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” Frederick Douglass

May 28, 2009 | By | No Comments

Obviously Douglass’s quote refers to a more sinister theme, but it does apply to what we experience on a day to day basis, indeed his quote holds true for us as individuals, as team members and furthermore as employees of organizations (and I could keep going). In order to advance, we have to force ourselves to change; in fact, we have to embrace change, as struggling …

Applying development best practices around MOSS and VSTS with TFS

May 14, 2009 | By | No Comments

Want to better understand how to leverage Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server development, while complying to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) best practices? Follow this link (from the Enterprise Developer Conference last week in NYC): Link to the video or come see us at our next VSTS User Groupon May 26!

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