SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and TFS

Scaling Agile with SAFe and Microsoft Visual Studio TFS

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Become a lean, scaled Agile organization for higher productivity, speed and value delivery.
To win in today’s market, organizations are increasingly seeking business agility. Business agility allows organizations to adapt to new customer demand and more effectively compete in today’s increasingly fluid business environment. To realize these goals, organizations are turning to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Read SAFe case studies →

As a SAFe Bronze Partner and a Microsoft Gold ALM Partner, InCycle is uniquely positioned to help you achieve these objectives. InCycle's consultants team provides an elusive blend of strategic, process and tool expertise to support your organization’s SAFe adoption, Microsoft platform implementation and practice improvement.

What is the Scaled Agile Framework?

The Scaled Agile Framework® (pronounced SAFe™) is an interactive knowledge base for implementing agile practices at enterprise scale. The “Big Picture” graphic highlights the individual roles, teams, activities and artifacts necessary to scale agile from the team to program to the enterprise level. This model of agile adoption has been elaborated by Dean Leffingwell and described in two books1. It has been successfully applied in programs of only 50-100 people, and in enterprises employing thousands of software developers.


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How to Scale Agile with Visual Studio TFS

SAFe is a complete process that can be supported by Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. Named by Gartner as the leader in Application Development Lifecycle Management (ADLM), Visual Studio covers every aspect of software development to support SAFe key elements: Investment Themes, Business and Architectural Epics, Portfolio Kanban. InCycle's Consulting Team is uniquely positionned to bridge the gap between process, practices and tools and make sure you leverage Visual Studio's main capabilities :

  • Agility: support Scrum, Kanban and allow customization.
  • Visibility: enable full backlog management at all levels
  • Scalability: Can support as many team and program as required.
  • Flexibility: Can be configured according to your needs at all levels
  • End-to-end ALM: Swiss-knife, cost-efficient platform from ideation to operations.



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Scaled Agile Framework training

Trained leaders is the foundation of the Scaled Agile Framework. InCycle's certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) can provide Leading SAFe, SAFe practioners and ART quickstart training courses.

Leading SAFe three-day course. InCycle provides public and private Leading SAFe training for executives, managers and change agents. Built on the Leading SAfe two standard days, InCycle offers the course in three days to include workshop, group exercises as well as demonstration on how to implement SAFe with Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

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Implementing SAFe with InCycle

InCycle is a SAFe Bronze partner with certified SAFe Program Consultants (SPC) as well as a Microsoft Gold ALM partner. InCycle combines process and tool expertise to help software organizations implement Agile and ALM practices in the most efficient and certain way.

Prepare for change

SAFely define your transformation, train your key-players.

Start your transformation by assessing your capabilities and develop a strategy. InCycle will provide a roadmap that will guide your organization through this important and complex process. You will also need to create the A-team that will conduct the Agile transformation and act as the reference related to Agile practices.

Empower people

Train all executives, managers and leaders.

Following SAFe principles, leadership is the foundation. The success of Agile implementation at scale is based on people and especially the leaders of the organization. The Leading SAFe training should be completed by everyone at a management level.

Deliver value

Train teams and launch Agile Release Train (ART).

The ART is aimed at training 50-125 team members and can be executed in one week with the ART quickstart. However, it needs a lot of preparation and organization. InCycle will help you get it done.

Get support

To deliver value on cadence, continuous ALM improvement is key.

Organizations will need to improve many aspects of their software application development lifecycle. InCycle offers ALM services including:

  • Coaching, mentoring on SAFe, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, product and program portfolio management.
  • Consulting on continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Training on Test Driven Development
  • Technical services with Visual Studio and Azure


1. Dean Leffington. Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements for Teams Programs and the Enterprise (2011) and Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises, (2007)