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Optimize Your Release Cycle

InCycle is uniquely positioned to help development teams and IT organizations implement release management and continuous delivery practices. As the producer of InRelease, Release management for Visual Studio acquired by Microsoft in 2013, InCycle has gained outstanding expertise in continuous delivery, provisioning, release management and automated testing. To get started with Release Management, please contact us or you can register to our upcoming online training.

No need to be a hero to deploy 10 times a day

The process of releasing not only includes Operations teams but Development and QA teams as well. These teams need to collaborate to make sure that quality application is delivered on time to customers. To accomplish this goal, development teams typically need to improve their release process and are faced with challenges such as:

  • The growing complexity of installations.
  • The rapid expansion of modern applications.
  • The various players involved.
  • The increased frequency of deliveries.
  • The shorten time allocated for releasing.

DevOps is based on improving communication and practices between Development, Quality and Operations to make releases faster, simple, robust and repeatable. Release management with continuous delivery are some of key practices that need to be implemented to meet DevOps goals.
Learn with InCycle how to start implementing better practices and decrease time to release quality applications.

Release Management Visual Studio, Release Management TFS, Dev Test & DevOps

Optimize your release cycle from Dev to Ops

In order to shorten release cycles, development teams need to understand their process and define an efficient release pipeline that can be repeatable and reliable.

Release process overview

Release Management, VSTS, Visual Studio, Release Management TFS, Dev Test & DevOps
DevOps is supported by the following practices:


Provisioning for dev and test

Provision VMs in seconds with Azure for your dev/test activities.


Source Control

Implement a mainline pattern branching and merging strategy.


Build and Deploy

Build once- deploy many times across all environments.



Define smaller requirements that can be released more frequently.



Link test plans to requirements and automate tests with Microsoft Test Manager.



Define the roles involved in the release process.



Get feedback from monitoring your app in production to quickly adapt the development effort.

Emerging Health IT decreased Time To Market from 18 months to 1 month

David Fletcher,Director of Development, shared his experiences at the ALM Summit 3 on how he transformed his original team of an epidemiologist and a FrontPage developer with no process or tools to a fast-paced multi-team agile organization applying ALM & DevOps best practices and leveraging most of the Visual Studio ALM capabilities.

Benefits achieved at Emerging Health


2X increase in delivery functionalities
Time to Market divided by 3


3X increased value to customers

Business Scability

Decreased environment setup from 6 to 1 month

From 0 to continuous delivery at Emerging Health

Ingredients for release process optimization

  • Automated Deployment
  • Configuration (per server)
  • Build Once
  • Approvals workflow
  • Release Governance
  • Automated tests
  • Tools Standardization
  • Rollbacks
  • Production Deployments
  • Audit trail