Resolving the ‘0 file(s) transferred successfully’ error in Release Management

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I had a client that was receiving an error message when trying to do a release from Release Management to a server that was configured to transfer the binaries over HTTP. After 0 file(s) transferred successfully, file createTable.sql did not We couldn’t figure out what the problem was — we looked at everything: The agents, permissions, the database, the file shares. Transferring directly via UNC path …

[Video] DevOps and Cloud Series moving TFS to the Cloud

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Your dreams to become reality… Developing in the cloud means no hardware maintenance and significant infrastructure savings. Now that you are hooked with Azure,  why not moving all your development activities in the Cloud? This presentation will show the benefits and best practices on migrating your TFS to the cloud.

[Video] Release Management – Configuring the release pipeline

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[Video] Git with Visual Studio

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[Video] Release Management – Deploying to Azure

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With the release of Release Management Update 3, we’ve been given a new tool to make continuous delivery to the cloud even easier. In this session, you’ll see how you can leverage Desired State Configuration from Release Management Update 3 to automatically configure your Azure IaaS environments and release your software to them.

[Video] Introduction to Desired State Configuration

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As part of Windows Management Framework 4.0, Microsoft released Desired State Configuration, a powerful new platform for configuring environments. In this session, you’ll learn all about Desired State Configuration and how it can make configuring your environments a painless process.

[Video] Cloud and DevOps Webcast Series: Continuous Delivery with Azure

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Deploy in seconds now! The ability to automatically release your application is a core component of your DevOps strategy. Take advantage of the deployment automation capabilities with Azure in a PaaS mode and explore the options available to deploy automatically to Azure with Release Management and TFS. This presentation will guide your best practices for continuous delivery in the cloud.

[Video] DevOps and Cloud webcast series: The Azure Gallery Overview

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Are you ready to use Azure? Now that your account is set up, it’s time to accelerate your provisioning. The Azure gallery is a great place to start. This presentation will present scenarios on how and when to leverage the Azure Gallery: whether using ready-to-use images, creating your own images and even swapping images from on-premise to Azure.

[Video] DevOps and Cloud webcast series #3: Scalability and costs with the Azure subscription

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The cloud offers so much flexibility, right? But how do you take advantage of the scalabity options while keeping costs under control? Depending on your structure, business and size of the organization, this presentation will guide you through the limits, common pain points and gotchas of the Azure subscription model.  It will provide you tips and best practices to make the most of your Cloud strategy …

[Video] DevOps and Cloud webcast series #2: get started with the Microsoft Azure portal

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Your organization took the right decision to build a modern DevOps strategy supported by Azure. Now, it’s time to find out how to get started. Discover what is your toolset to build modern app in Azure and define the right architecture. Learn what is relevant for your team and how you should use Azure. This presentation will help you take advantage of Microsoft Cloud in a …