Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services (DTDPS)

Pick From Four Different DTDPS Engagements:DevOps,Assessment,Consultants,Azure Consulting Services

As a Microsoft Software Assurance customer, (see how to active your benefits below) you can request InCycle's expertise to develop a comprehensive deployment plan! This plan will help reduce the perceived risk and cost of deploying Team Foundation Server, adopting a modern testing platform or improving company's your agility. It can be 3-5 days of consulting.

1. Team Foundation Server Deployment Assessment 

During the Team Foundation Server (TFS) Deployment Assessment we will help you develop a plan to get up and running on TFS. During this five-day engagement, we will perform a targeted assessment of your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) maturity. The final deliverable includes a deployment plan that shows how your organization can improve the development processes with TFS and team collaboration.

2. Visual Studio Quality Tools Deployment Assessment

During this this five-day engagement we will help you build a plan to adopt a modern quality assurance and testing platform. This engagement results in a plan that includes an infrastructure custom roadmap for deploying VisualStudio Ultimate, Premium and/or Test Professional to support ongoing testing and accelerating your organization's time-to-market.

3. Visual Studio Agile Deployment Assessment

During this engagement we will help you in developing an effective strategy for improving or adopting agility. This three-day engagement involves a targeted agile assessment that ultimately drives the implementation of the TFS agile planning tools and is excellent for improving your organization's agility. Finally, at the end of this engagement you'll have a set of customized recommendations for improving agility.

4. Visual Studio DevOps Deployment Assessment

The Visual Studio DevOps Deployment Assessment will you develop an effective strategy for achieving continuous delivery. This three-day engagement involves the implementation of Microsoft solutions—Windows System Center, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure — and will provide unbeatable tools for improving your organization's ability to respond to your customers quickly and with quality.  At the end of the engagement you'll receive a set of customized recommendations for improving effectiveness and delivery cadence.

Getting Started

Your Software Assurance benefits are activated in the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). Before you can activate your Software Assurance benefits in the VLSC, your organization needs to provide you with Software Assurance Manager permissions. After you are signed in, you’ll find a complete list of your available Software Assurance benefits. To help customers activate their benefits, InCycle provides step-by-step instructions.

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