Course: Visual Studio 2017 – Automated Build

Course 6406: 1 Day Instructor-Lead Training Syllabus


This tailored one day training provides students with the understanding and skills to effectively use the automated build system in Team Foundation Server 2017 and Visual Studio 2017 to support quality in the application lifecycle for a team-based environment. The training focuses on teaching students how to leverage the functionality of automated build within Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 2017. This course covers a broad range of topics to help students become familiar with the capabilities of the Visual Studio ALM platform.


This course is intended for the following roles:

Development Lead, Developer, Build Master, Release Manager


After attending this course, students will be able to:

Visual Studio ALM 2017

  • Understand the capabilities of Visual Studio 2017 ALM automated build
  • Understand build controller/agent architecture
  • Understand build definitions
  • Understand build workflows
  • Leverage continuous integration builds
  • Leverage timed/daily builds
  • Leverage gated check-in
  • Perform a basic build
  • Understand how to leverage automated testing during build
  • Create source and symbols for build
  • Understand build tag system for routing/queuing
  • Viewing and monitoring build status


Before attending this course, students must have experience in a team-based application lifecycle. The following prerequisites are expected:

  • Have played one or more roles in ALM
  • Be familiar with at least one development methodology
  • Understand Microsoft Office basics
  • Understand Microsoft Windows operating system basics
  • Understand basic concepts for automated build


Visual Studio 2015 ALM Automated Build Overview

This module introduces the components and functionality of Visual Studio 2017 ALM automated build. This overview will provide a basic understanding of the architecture and integration of the automated build system into Visual Studio 2017 ALM.

The following capabilities will be covered:

  • Overview of Visual Studio ALM automated build technologies and architecture
  • Managing build controllers/agents
  • Overview of the source control trigger(s)
  • Overview of test automation during build
  • Overview of build reporting and metrics
  • How to view and manage build status

Build Definition

This module will provide students with details on how to create and manage build definitions using Visual Studio 2017. This module will focus on the day-to-day operations of building source control to improve quality in the ALM process.

The following topics will be covered:

  • What is a build definition
  • Selecting a build controller
  • Selecting a build drop location
  • Setting the build workspace mapping(s)
  • Select solution(s)/project(s) to build
  • Specifying the build/platform configuration
  • Build format number
  • Defining source and symbol support
  • Retention Policy
  • Calling pre and/or post build scripts

Automated Build Triggers

This module will provide students with information on the triggers that can invoke automated builds. These triggers include integration with source control and timed building of application(s).

The following topics will be covered:

  • Understand the trigger options
  • Understanding the workspace and the correlation to triggers
  • Understand continuous integration builds
  • Using continuous integration (CI) for agile development teams
  • Using timed builds for recurring build automation
  • Understand Gated-Check-In
  • The difference between gated check-in and continuous integration
  • Using gated check-in to maintain quality

Automated Testing during Build

This module will provide visibility on the test setting used by the automated build system to run automated tests as part of the build process.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Test setting and configuration for automated build
  • Understand the test setting file
  • Disable testing for a build definition
  • Capturing results during build automation
  • Overview of Diagnostic capture
  • Overview of Test Impact

Build Workflow Templates

This module will focusing on providing the information required to understand how to leverage different build workflow templates and build activities to enhance the automated build process to support the end-to-end ALM.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Selecting a build workflow template in a build definition
  • Understand how the automated build store build workflows
  • Understand how build workflow leverages windows workflow 4.0
  • Understand how to parameterize build workflows
  • Understand how workflow/build activities can be used

Course designers

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