Course: Git Fundamentals

Course: 6425 - 1 day instructor lead

This full-day course provides students with the understanding and skills to effectively use Git for source control. The training will provide the skills and knowledge to understand the decentralized model of source control offered by Git, and how to effectively use that model in the context of team-centered software development. This course involves hands-on workshops to give students first-hand experience using the concepts from the training in a safe "sandbox" environment.


This course is intended for the following roles:

Development Leads, Developers

No prior version control experience is necessary.

At Course Completion

After attending this course, students will be able to:

Understand the differences between Distributed Version Control (DVC) vs Centralized Version Control (CVC) and the advantages and disadvantages of both paradigms

  • Understand Git terminology
  • Understand the fundamentals of Git
  • Use Git from the command line
  • Perform the basic operations such as staging changes and committing them to a local repository
  • Share code with the team via pushes and pulls to and from remote repositories
  • Understand branches, merges, and conflict resolution
  • Understand Git's history-rewriting capabilities such as rebasing
  • Create and manage submodules for splitting shared resources across multiple Git repositories


Before attending this course, students must have experience in a team-based application lifecycle. The following prerequisites are expected:

  • Have played one or more roles in ALM
  • Be comfortable with the command line in either Windows, Linux, or OSX

If you have any questions or would like to register for this course, please fill out the form below or call us at (800) 565-0510.

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