Chef DevOps & Automation

Increasingly faster, high-quality software delivery requires automation and cloud technologies in combination with solid DevOps practices. As a combined Chef, Microsoft Azure and DevOps/ALM partner, InCycle is uniquely positioned to provide both the tools and process expertise needed to achieve high-velocity software development and IT operations.  Chef,Azure,DevOps,Microsoft,Platform,OpenStack,Windows,DevOps,SQL,Continuous Delivery,Continuous Integration

Leveraging Chef, InCycle can help you create a flexible, dynamic infrastructure across multiple datacenters, public and private clouds, and in heterogeneous environments (Linux OS, Windows and hybrid). Based on your technology preferences and development platforms, InCycle can help design and develop the best automation process and solution to match your needs. Automating infrastructure drastically improves innovation and software delivery cycles.

Target benefits include:

  • Maximizing your team’s capabilities by better leveraging their skills
  • Eliminating dependencies and removing “blocked” time waiting for environments to be provisioned
  • Establishing a repeatable and versioned framework for testing and deploying new workloads
  • Reducing cycle times making software changes smaller, faster and safer
  • Optimizing infrastructure investments by paying only for what you need (pay-per-use)
  • Foster cultural changes that improve work environment, agility and efficiency

Chef,Azure,DevOps,Microsoft,Platform,OpenStack,Windows,Microsoft training,Azure,cloud

Getting Started

We start by understanding your organization’s challenges from both an IT and development perspective. In doing so, we identify candidate workloads for automation. In collaboration with your team, we prioritize based on business impact. Next, we work with you to design and automate target workloads. During that process, we work hand-in hand with your team to develop solutions (e.g., design and write code/scripts), as well as train and coach your team on automation strategies and best practices. Following every engagement, we provide customers with a strategic and contextual roadmap outlining recommendations to achieve the next level of success for your organization.

Please contact us to learn more about our automating deployments with Chef and Azure by either calling us at (800) 565-0510 or filling out the form below. We can help you support heterogeneous environments - Linux and Microsoft technologies together!

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