Azure Deployment Planning Services (AZDPS)

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As a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, we're equipped to help our customers receive exclusive benefits of structured consulting engagements that provide training, demos and activation planning for Azure. It can be 3-15 days of consulting.

1. Activating Microsoft Azure Storage

This engagement can help you expand your Microsoft Azure storage solution with StorSimple or CommVault–an important step in minimizing storage costs for large data footprints. You can assess the environment and determine the best scenarios for creating an activation plan to migrate data to Azure, cloud storage and demonstrate the value of Azure with a proof of concept or deployment.

2. Migrate Applications to Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Servicestfs,Internet & Cloud Computing,Microsoft Visual Studio,Microsoft Azure,Consultants,TFS,ALM,SAFe,Azure Consulting Services

This engagement will help you evaluate, prioritize and begin migrating existing virtualized applications. Learn how to prioritize the migration of application that do not require significant re-architecting or code modifications to provide value within an accelerated time-frame. The following Microsoft Azure Service Offerings are included within this engagement:

  • SharePoint on Azure IaaS
  • SQL Server on Azure IaaS
  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Overall application migration
  • Migration from Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other competitive products

3. Implementing Develop & Test Scenarios on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machinestfs,Internet & Cloud Computing,Microsoft Visual Studio,Microsoft Azure,Consultants,TFS,ALM,SAFe,Azure Consulting Services

This engagement will help you implement a scalable, more secure and cost-effective development and test environment with Azure Virtual Machines. By employing virtual machines, you can present a development and test environment in a matter of minutes—not days, weeks, or months—directly increasing their development velocity.

4. Implementing Enterprise Mobility

The purpose of this engagement will help plan deployments for Cloud and Hybrid enterprise mobility solutions. The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) solutions help to address challenges in a mobile first, cloud first world, including Hybrid Identity Management, Mobile Device Management and Access & Information Protection.

Getting Startedtfs,Internet & Cloud Computing,Microsoft Visual Studio,Microsoft Azure,Consultants,TFS,ALM,SAFe

Your Software Assurance benefits are activated in the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). Before you can activate your Software Assurance benefits in the VLSC, your organization needs to provide you with Software Assurance Manager permissions. After you are signed in, you’ll find a complete list of your available Software Assurance benefits. To help customers activate their benefits, InCycle provides step-by-step instructions.

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