Testing Practices

Nothing will ruin your team or company’s reputation faster than poor quality. The sooner you find problems in your application, the sooner you can get them resolved before they can impact your release schedule or your reputation.

Test Your Application Using Microsoft Test Manager

Utilize Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to help you test the app you built and advance high quality software delivery. Create test plans to track manual testing for milestones and discovery and MTM will store your test plans and results on Team Foundation Server (TFS). This way you can identify when the testing for a specific items is done.

Manual Testing using Visual Studio Test Professional’s Microsoft Test Manager will:

  • Train testers on the manual testing tools available in Microsoft Test Manager
  • Create new test plans, user acceptance plans, and test suites
  • Create “Action Recordings” for tests that continually pass in order to speed up the manual test process
  • Create and edit test cases as well as new test configurations
  • Leverage reporting capabilities
  • Look at areas where Test Automation could be leverage
  • User Acceptance Testing and Feedback
  • Feature End-To-End Testing
  • Regression Testing


InCycle’s Test Automation services includes:

  • Automated User Interface Testing
    • Test strategy development
    • Develop and implement an automated testing framework using Visual Studio and Coded UI Testing
  • Application Certification Testing using Visual Studio Enterprise Edition
    • Test strategy development for regression testing of both functional and non-functional features.
    • Concurrency and Soak Testing education and coaching
    • Web Performance and Load Testing

Agile Testing

We all know we should automate our tests, but we don’t. Automated tests always appear to be expensive to write and often take months to write and tweak before they are found useful. Effective Agile Test automation strategy requires automating tests at three different levels: User Interface, Services, and Unit Testing.

Our approach is to educate and coach you on how to best use Visual Studio and Microsoft Test Manager to:

  • What makes effective Developer Unit Tests and when to inject tests where none have be introduced before
  • How to use Gated Check-In to verify code builds successfully and that unit tests pass
  • How to effectively build an automation framework to test application’s User Interfaces
  • How to use Exploratory Testing as a way to design test cases and validation the application, and report bugs quickly back to development.

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