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School districts in Canada’s Quebec province depend on Société GRICS for administrative software. Société GRICS depends on its 140 developers to produce and update that software. When customers’ increasing needs and decreasing budgets required a boost in developer productivity, Société GRICS realized it needed a new way to manage not just software development, but the entire lifecycle of an application, including testing, release, and updates. Having identified its objective and the tools to help achieve it, Société GRICS was ready to launch its transformation from waterfall to agile methodology.


InCycle Software helped Société GRICS to explore the idea of managing its enterprisewide development process according to the principles of Agile development which uses repeated, small projects by flexible teams to create high-quality software at low cost. Société GRICS used InCycle BluePrint to prioritize improvement initiatives and align them with all levels of the development organization, divide large initiatives into easily implemented components, track and manage tasks, gain visibility into upcoming improvement projects, and ensure that improvements became part of the teams’ daily processes.


Société GRICS has increased developer productivity by 50 percent on new initiatives, boosted product quality, and gained the agility to make better and faster project assignments in response to business needs. Ultimately, it is the flexibility that Société GRICS gains from its adoption of agile methodology that fuels the organization’s higher productivity and higher quality. According to Bessette, the organization’s development teams now work more nimbly. “In three weeks, we have software to demonstrate to customers and others—it used to take us about three months to do that for a small project, a year or two for a major one,” Bessette says.

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