In prior versions of TFS we did have choices to setup automated email notifications or alerts for an event. Either a team member can self subscribe for an alert using Visual Studio or in later versions Team Foundation Power Tools offered a little better interface where one can create alerts for others but those alerts have to be owned and maintained by the person who created it. TFS 2012 comes up with all together new web interface which helps us to manage “Individual Alerts”, “Team Alerts” and also much better ways to manage the alerts subscription.

Now, Admins can make use of the new web interface….here are the steps

Navigate to “Project Alerts” from Team Project settings

That should take you to My Alerts where you can setup individual notifications

If you want to setup notifications for your team, goto “Advanced Alerts Management Page”




Lets create a sample Alert for WI change… click on new and that would bring up a template where we could choose

Scope of the Alert -  Individual alert or Team Alert

Alert Category – Version Control, Build, Work Item etc…

Choose Team Alert & Work Item category


Construct Alert rules in the next screen and click OK.. you are done…


There are some more cool stuff in the same page, like, if you want to “find” alerts set for a user or group.. there is an option in the page..






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